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Rocks are naturally-occurring chunks of minerals.

The study of rocks is called Petrology, a speciality within the study of Geology. Geology itself is a specialty of Earth Science, so if you like rocks, you've already specialized quite a bit.



Rocks are generally classified into three groups

  • Igneous rocks -- formed through cooling magma
  • Sedimentary rocks -- formed through the stacking of layers of minerals, other rocks, and the occasional organism
  • Metamorphic rocks -- formed through intense pressure and/or heat to transform some other rock

Latest Work

Image 01

The sea, converting some rocks into other rocks.



Image 01 This is a layer of rocks so it's probably sedimentary.

More rocks

Image 02 I don't know what this is -- it could be an elephant enclosure for all I know -- but it's pretty.

Also rocks

Image 03 This could be sedimentary but it looks kind of squished up and metamorphic to me.

Finally, rock

Image 04 Whether it's sedimentry or metamorphic, it's bright and makes me smile.